Hello Neighbors At Rio Grande Ranchos

Are you lucky (?) enough to have gotten in on the Colorado land boom of the 70s? Live anywhere near unit 41? Feel free to say hi!

I got a letter from Costilla County Assessor this month. When it began with a notice of change in value I figured that they were trying to get more taxes out of us (I pay $42 a year) I was surprised to see that they LOWERED the value on my lot. Dang, there goes the neighborhood.

Rio Grande Ranchos

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I started documenting the many lowball offers for my land. Are you a fellow owner that wants to see what others are getting offered? Go to the list of  offers page.

Real Home, for now

It's Pacific Grove, the Last Home Town. Here are a few pages of Pagrovia

Pacific Grove Feast Of Lanterns The Feast Of Lanterns is a summer weeklong event culminating in a day of entertainment at the beach, with fireworks (often shrouded in fog) ending the event
Pacific Grove Good Old Days Good Old Days is a street fair that begins with a small town parade. All  of downtown is blocked off and various wares are sold. In the past more handcrafted items were sold than the imported & mass produced items seen lately. 
Pacific Grove Butterfly Parade The Butterfly Parade celebrates the annual return of the Monarch butterflies to Pacific Grove. All of the town's schoolchildren turn out in costume and march down the main street and back up to Robert Down Elementary, where carnival games are played and food is sold. Happens every October.
Butterfly Parade In The 1970s I found an old "Ford Times" magazine from 1977 highlighting the Butterfly Parade. I transcribed the article and shared it.
Pacific Grove Holiday Parade Of Lights Holiday Parade of Lights. Started in 2002, kind of loose and disorganized. May improve with age. Or may fade away. 
Pacific Grove Candy Cane Lane Candy Cane Lane is a neighborhood of homes that set up very elaborate holiday decorations every year.
Old Ashtrays Old Ashtrays from around the Monterey Peninsula.
COG On TV Barovelli You Tube channel. Colossus Of Gold videos & more
The Foghorn The Foghorn.  This website really wants a sound clip of the foghorn. If you have one, EMAIL US
CPM - Digital Research The house where Digital Research lost a big software deal with IBM is in Pacific Grove.
John Denver John Denver crashed here.

Actual groovy receipt from the old Albertsons supermarket.

Albertsons Supermarket Receipt

Classic hand crafted PG street signs disappearing fast. 

Old wooden painted sign New generic green metal sign
Wooden Street Sign Metal Street Sign