Old Ashtrays From The Monterey Area

Who'd think that ashtrays would be collectable. On eBay, everything is collectable. I don't bid on them, but it is interesting to see and remember a time when smoking was cool and establishments had customer ashtrays. Here's some pictures from eBay.

The Slats Fish Grotto. 4 Digit phone number.
Slats Fish Grotto

Sardine Factory. Still there, but not many ashtrays .
Sardine Factory

Casa Munras Hotel. Still there too,
Casa Munras

More recent Casa Munras
Casa Munras

Oysters & Company. Akin to the Outrigger?
Oysters and Company

Cypress Bowl. Now the site of a shopping center at Fremont & Casanova.
Cypress Bowl

Dixie's Bar-B-Q. Located where a parking garage now stands, right behind Wells Fargo.
Dixies Bar-B-Q

Lou's Fish Grotto
Lous Fish Grotto

The Show Bar
Show Bar

Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach

The Reef
The Reef

Whaling Station

Slats PG